Perché non abbassare le tariffe

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Masked Translator:
Freaking Out about the Economy
“No, the reason the economy is taking a toll on my business that all the economic bad news is freaking me out, which is making me make bad business choices.”

Corinne McKay, “Thoughts On Translation”:
Lowering your translation rates: why/why not
“Lately it seems that many freelancers are considering lowering their rates because of the worldwide economic downturn. In most cases, I think that lowering your rates is an unwise business decision that devalues not only your own work, but the work of other translators as well.”

Corinne McKay, “Thoughts On Translation”:
Lowering your translation rates, continued

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  1. But, is the crisis really hitting you and I? And, is so, how? I, for one, have been maintaining a slightly (but steadily) increasing amount of work for the last several years. The recent news is that many of my clients (95% of which are agencies) take for granted that I should be paid, in 2009, less than I was getting in 2004! Also, many of them are increasing their interest in price (and profits?) as opposed to quality.

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